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Interactive video lesson plan for: The Perfection of Spider Silk - Science on the Web #112

Activity overview:

Giant movie spiders are always blasting out incredibly strong webbing, but it rarely matches the strength and engineering perfection of actual spider silk. Explore just how our arachnid friends produce the stuff, and what makes it so strong.

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The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) trailer

The sand of life...

Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure part 6 of 7

GIANT SPIDER Movie Montage


Molecular Biomechanics: Spider Silk

Scientists in a spin over synthetic spider silk

Spider Silk Harvesting

How Spiders Spin Silk

Smart Material: Spider Silk

Writing Spider Making Web Close-up HD

Spider spinning complete web + Megarace game music!

Silly String SLOW MOTION

Banana Spider Catching Prey (wasp) Canon xha1s

Spider silk is five times stronger than steel, yet highly elastic.mp4

Spider Silk Gene Goats

The Goats with Spider Genes and Silk in their Milk - Horizon Playing God - BBC Two

Golden orb weaver spiders Architects of entrapment

The Space Elevator

Surgical Adhesive Patch Video - Brigham and Womens Hospital

Artificial Organ Regrowth

Biosensor - Microorganism Detection

Spider-Man TAS - S2 E01 - The Insidious Six 1/2 (HD)

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