Caesar's Assassination Article (demo)

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He Was MercifulWhat does it mean to be "merciful"? What details in this section help you understand this? What does this suggest about Caesar?


Abuse of PowerWhich three details in this section do you think tell you the most about what Caesar was like as a leader? What are two words you would use to describe him? Explain.


The Plan to Stop CaesarBased on this section, how and why did conspirators decide to kill Caesar? Briefly summarize their reasoning and their plans.


Warning SIgnsWhat warning signs did Caesar receive? Do you believe all of these things happened or were they simply myth and superstition? Explain.


Conspirators Stood Round HimInfer what the author thinks about the killers based on this detail (at the end of the paragraph)? Can you think of another reason the killers may not have done these things? Explain.


Huh?What is something you found confusing or hard to understand? Do you have any questions?
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