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SAQIn the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", what was Red's character flaw?
To answer an SAQ 1. Answer the WHAT- the question
In "Little Red Riding Hood", Red's character flaw was curiosity.
2. Answer the HOW- cite evidence (3)
When Red arrives at Grandma's house, she questions the size of Grandma's eyes and her ears.
3. Answer the WHY- link the HOW to the WHAT
Because Red moved closer to inspect her Grandmother out of curiosity, it put her within reach of the Wolf who was masquerading as Grandmother. At the perfect moment the Wolf pounced and gobbled up Red, therefore, Red's death resulted from her character flaw of curiosity.


Your TurnOut of the European Absolute rulers we have read about and discussed in class-Who did it BEST?



Trace the transformation in functions and structures of states from the beginning of the Post-Classical period to the end of the Exploration period in Western Europe. (CCOT)Context: Set the stage- 2 to 3 sentences
Thesis: 3 points (chicken foot) try to do the counter first!
Outline: Mini-thesis for each paragraph- start with counter
At least 3 pieces of evidence for each mini-thesis- must relate to the prompt
So you should have the first paragraph-4 to 5 sentences:
BP1: Mini-thesis
BP2 etc. etc.
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