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Interactive video lesson plan for: june 2014 Algebra I common core Regents pt II 6 10

Activity overview:

1 When solving the equation 4(3x2 2) 9 8x2 7, Emily wrote computations.
4(3x2 2) 8x2 16 as her first step. Which property justifies
Emily’s first step?
(1) addition property of equality
(2) commutative property of addition
(3) multiplication property of equality
(4) distributive property of multiplication over addition
2 Officials in a town use a function, C, to analyze traffic patterns.
C(n) represents the rate of traffic through an intersection where
n is the number of observed vehicles in a specified time interval.
What would be the most appropriate domain for the function?
(1) {…2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, …} (3) {0, 1 __
2 , 1, 1 1 __
2 , 2, 2 1 __
2 }
(2) {2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3} (4) {0, 1, 2, 3, …}
3 If A 3x2 5x 6 and B 2x2 6x 7, then A B equals
(1) 5x2 11x 13 (3) 5x2 x 1
(2) 5x2 11x 13 (4) 5x2 x 1
Algebra I (Common Core) – June ’14 [4]
Use this space for
4 Given: y x 2 computations.
y 3x 2
Which graph shows the solution of the given set of inequalities?
5 Which value of x satisfies the equation 7 __
3 (x _9__
28 ) 20?
(1) 8.25 (3) 19.25
(2) 8.89 (4) 44.92
(1) (3)
(2) (4)
Algebra I (Common Core) – June ’14 [5] [OVER]
Use this space for
6 The table below shows the average yearly balance in a savings computations.
account where interest is compounded annually. No money is
deposited or withdrawn after the initial amount is deposited.
Which type of function best models the given data?
(1) linear function with a negative rate of change
(2) linear function with a positive rate of change
(3) exponential decay function
(4) exponential growth function
7 A company that manufactures radios first pays a start-up cost, and
then spends a certain amount of money to manufacture each radio.
If the cost of manufacturing r radios is given by the function
c(r) 5.25r 125, then the value 5.25 best represents
(1) the start-up cost
(2) the profit earned from the sale of one radio
(3) the amount spent to manufacture each radio
(4) the average number of radios manufactured
8 Which equation has the same solution as x2 6x 12 0?
(1) (x 3)2 21 (3) (x 3)2 3
(2) (x 3)2 21 (4) (x 3)2 3
Year Balance, in Dollars

9 A ball is thrown into the air from the edge of a 48-foot-high cliff so computations.
that it eventually lands on the ground. The graph below shows the
height, y, of the ball from the ground after x seconds.
For which interval is the ball’s height always decreasing?

10 What are the roots of the equation x2 4x 16 0?
(1) (3)
(2) 2 2 5 (4) 2 4 5

Algebra I (Common Core) – June ’14 [7] [OVER]
Use this space for
11 What is the correlation coefficient of the linear fit of the data shown computations.
below, to the nearest hundredth?
(1) 1.00 (3) 0.93
(2) 0.93 (4) 1.00
12 Keith determines the zeros of the function f(x) to be 6 and 5.
What could be Keith’s function?

13 Given: L
Which expression results in a rational number?
(1) L M (3) N P
(2) M N (4) P L

Algebra I (Common Core) – June ’14 [8]
Use this space for
14 Which system of equations has the same solution as the system computations.

15 The table below represents the function F.
The equation that represents this function is
(1) F(x) 3x (3) F(x) 2x 1
(2) F(x) 3x (4) F(x) 2x 3
16 John has four more nickels than dimes in his pocket, for a total of
$1.25. Which equation could be used to determine the number of
dimes, x, in his pocket?
(1) 0.10(x 4) 0.05(x) $1.25
(2) 0.05(x 4) 0.10(x) $1.25
(3) 0.10(4x) 0.05(x) $1.25
(4) 0.05(4x) 0.10(x) $1.25
17 If f(x) 1 __
3 x 9, which statement is always true?
(1) f(x) 0 (3) If x 0, then f(x) 0.
(2) f(x) 0 (4) If x 0, then f(x) 0.
x 3 4 6 7 8
F(x) 9 17 65 129 257
Algebra I (Common Core) – June ’14 [9] [OVER]
Use this space for
18 The Jamison family kept a log of the distance they traveled during a computations.
trip, as represented by the graph below.
During which interval was their average speed the greatest?
(1) the first hour to the second hour
(2) the second hour to the fourth hour

19 Christopher looked at his quiz scores shown below for the first and
second semester of his Algebra class.
Semester 1: 78, 91, 88, 83, 94
Semester 2: 91, 96, 80, 77, 88, 85, 92
Which statement about Christopher’s performance is correct?
A sunflower is 3 inches tall at week 0 and grows 2 inches each week.
Which function(s) shown below can be used to determine the
height, f(n), of the sunflower in n weeks?
A cell phone company charges $60.00 a month for up to 1 gigabyte computations.
of data. The cost of additional data is $0.05 per megabyte. If d
represents the number of additional megabytes used and c
represents the total charges at the end of the month, which linear
equation can be used to determine a user’s monthly bill?
The diagrams below represent the first three terms of a sequence.
Assuming the pattern continues, which formula determines an,
the number of shaded squares in the nth term?

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