TFA - Chapter 7 (1st period Ms. Corbett)

Created by Marcia Corbett

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A Real Ibo ManWhen is a man not really a man, according to the Ibo values?


Locusts Cause a Ruckus?What North American "act of God" causes as much excitement for our natives as the locusts do for the Ibo?
(We eat it, too!)


Father FigureWhy would the statement, "He calls you his father," be enough reason for Okonkwo not to take part in Ikemefuna's death?


Low WhispersAs Ike hears the men talking in low tones about his fate, he remembers the first time when men had talked this way. Exactly what event is he remembering?


Why would men who didn't want to go on the journey with Ikemefuna be considered "effeminate"?


Ike's No Scaredy CatWhat can be inferred from the following lines:

" Although he had felt uneasy at first, he was not afraid now. Okonkwo walked behind him."


Oko's Internal ConflictEven though Okonwko moves to the back of the line and then looks away, he eventually participates. Why does he, even though he has been warned not to?
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