Analysing Radio and Television Scripts

Created by Michael Orr-Love

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3 ScriptsEastenders
Shoot the Messenger
A Christmas Carol


Task 11. Is there any information about the time of day or the location? List examples from the scripts; make sure you include the name of the script you are referring to.


Task 22. Are there any edit decisions e.g. Fade In/Out, Cut To etc. included as part of the script? Explain what these are, comment on how you think this helps you to make sense of the script.


Task 33. Do we have descriptions of sets/actors before the main body of the script begins?


Task 44. Is the scene set first, then the dialogue is introduced, or are the characters speaking straight away? Do you think the different approaches change the meaning of the impact of the script? Explain your answer.


Task 55. What are the key differences between the Radio and Television scripts?


Task 66. Character Analysis – What knowledge do we gain about any of the characters from the extracts of each of the scripts? Which of the scripts do you feel reveals the least information about the characters? Which do you feel reveals the most information?


Task 77. Descriptive Writing – Which of the scripts do you feel use descriptive writing in order to help us start to visualise the script? Provide examples from the extracts of how this is done.


Task 88. Action – Identify examples from the scripts where you think Action is used really well. Does the Action slow down what is being described, or does it speed up the event? What impact do you think this has on that part of the script, if any?
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