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Interactive video lesson plan for: English lesson 81 - Inhibit. Grammar lessons for learning to speak fluent English - ESL

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Learn to speak fluent English -- Accent Training, Correct Grammar usage, Idioms, Phrases and vocabulary with example sentences.

Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 81 : Inhibit
Sometimes you can't do something that you are willing to due to many reasons, it could be because you are shy or embarrassed to do it or it could be something that stops or restricts you from doing it.
The word inhibit basically means something that  prevents oneself from doing something due to their shyness or the fear of facing embarrassment due to some restrictions applied.
 When you restrain or suppress yourself from behaving in a particular manner or from speaking something, you are holding yourself back, it means you are inhibiting yourself. This could because you are extremely shy or embarrassed.
The action of prohibiting or inhibiting is known as inhibition. It is a feeling that makes one self conscious and unable to behave in a relaxed and a natural manner.
As the word inhibits shows the action of restricting or forbidding, it is a verb.
For example, when you are performing on the stage for the first time, you feel very shy, you are inhibited from doing your best. It means, you find it difficult to lose your inhibitions and give it your best shot.

Example 01 : Maria had no inhibitions and spoke boldly about her divorce to her friends.
Example 02 : The high rate of interest on home loans has inhibited James and Lisa from taking a bank loan to buy a new apartment.

Example 03 : After a couple of drinks, William and Peter lost all their inhibitions and started talking and laughing loudly at their friend's party.

Example 04 : Catherine is on a weight loss program and finds it very difficult to inhibit herself from eating burgers.

Example 05 : Lack of hospitals and health care centers in the village, inhibited the poor from getting medical facilities whenever they required it.

Example 06 : Mother told little John, " You shouldn't allow the fear of failure to inhibit you from reattempting your exams."

Example 07 : To inhibit any further argument, Andrea threatened her son of being locked in a dark room.

Example 08 : The stern voice of the teacher, inhibits all the students from approaching her when they have any queries.

Example 09 : Drinking coffee in excess inhibits the absorption of iron from your diet.

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