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Interactive video lesson plan for: SciShow Quiz Show: Writer vs. Creator

Activity overview:

Watch SciShow Creator Hank Green battle brains with SciShow Writer Ceri Riley.

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Mangrove Killifish;jsessionid=DEED1F1FC3ADA00B75ED11D057E21E86.f01t01

Tagged under: SciShow,science,Hank,Green,education,learn,Ceri Riley,Mongrove Killifish,fish,Herring,Q-carbon,Carbon,Carbyne,Superconductor,Nematodes,Nematoda,Antarctica,The cold,farting,glycerol,winter,penguins,mosquitoes,freeze-drying,iron telluride,acid,alcohol,wine,yeast,beer,red wine,Beaujolais,tartaric acid,baking powder,interstellar dust,Adolf von Baeyer,ferromagnetic,graphite,shoals,hunting fish

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