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Interactive video lesson plan for: 2017 DMV Test Permit Part 2 Questions Real Tests and Answers

Activity overview:

You should signal continuously while turning because it: Is illegal to turn off your signal before completing a turn□ Lets other drivers know what your intentions are Its always unsafe to turn off a signal before completing a turn...
20.If your cell phone rings while you are driving and you do not have a hands free device, you should: Answer the call because it may be an emergency... Let the call go to voice mail Check the incoming number before answering the call.□

21.When a school bus with its red lights flashing is stopped ahead on your side of the road, you must : Stop until all the children have left the bus.........□ Stop until the lights stop flashing Change lanes, drive slowly, and pass cautiously.........□
22.You can drive off the raod to pass another vehicle : If the vehicle ahead is turning left ....□ If there are two or more lanes travelling in your direction ... Under no circumstances

23.It is illegal to leave children age six or younger unattended in a vehicle on a hot day: Even if they are secured in a child passenger restraint system......□ If they are supervised by a person twelve years of age or older ...□ Only if the key is in the ignition. ......□
24.Which statement is true about motorcyclists and motorist: Motorcyclists are not allowed to drive faster than other traffic during congested road conditions Motorcyclists have the same rights/responsibilities as other motorists Motorcycles are heavier than other vehicles and are less affected by wind/rain

25.This white sign means don't pass: Until after you pass the sign Unless it seems safe to do so Other vehicles for any reason.
26.After passing a vehicle, it is safe to return to your driving lane when: The driver you just passed signals you to return to your lane□ You signal for three seconds your intention to return to your lane. You see the headlights of the passed vehicle in your rearview mirror

27.On a freeway, you should look farther ahead than you would on a city street: In order to see potential hazards earlyBecause it takes 1/4 of a mile to stop your vehicle completely.□ Because it helps you keep up with traffic...□
28.You must look for bicycle rides in the same lanes used by motor vehicles because they: Must ride facing oncoming traffic Ilegally share lanes with motor vehicles.□ Are entitled to share the road with you

29.Drivers of large trucks often travel with a lot of space in front of thier vehicle. This extra space is needed for: Other drivers to use when merging onto an off-ramp The truck driver to use for stopping the vehicle. Other drivers to use when they want to slow down.
30.To help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces you should: Shift to a lower gear after starting down a steep hill □ Speed up to enter curves and slow down to exit them.□ Slow down before entering curves and intersections□

31.You may make a left turn on a red light only from a: One-way street onto a two-way street□ One-way street onto a one-way street□ Two-way street onto a one-way street□
32.On freezing, wet days, which of the following roadways is most likely to hide spots of ice? Roadways near the tops of hills□ Roadways on bridges and overpasses□ Roadways paved with asphalt□

33.You are driving and there are oncoming vehivles on your left and a row of parked vehicles on your right. You should steer: Closer to the oncoming vehicles than the parked vehicles□ Closer to the parked vehicles than the oncoming vehicles.□ A middle course between the oncoming and parked vehicles .□
34.Yellow lines separate: Traffic lanes on one-way streets□ Traffic moving in opposite directions on a two-way road□ All carpool lanes from regular traffic lanes□

Slowing down just to look at collisions or anything else out of the ordinary: Causes traffic congestion. Prevents rear-end collisions Improves traffic flow by preventing collisions□
36.When should you yield your legal right-of-way? Often, even at controlled intersections.□ When it helps prevent collisions.□ Never it confuses othe drivers.

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