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Interactive video lesson plan for: Student Councils and Student Voice

Activity overview:

Student Councils & Student Voice - Video Transcript
Visual: SpeakUp symbol animations fades in from white background. It reads: "SpeakUp: You are the student voice"
Visual: Words fade in that read: "What more can student councils do to engage all students and raise the student voice?"
Visual: Words fade in that read: "Here are some ideas from this year's minister's student advisory council."
Visual: White background fades to footage of a female MSAC member. Subtitle reads: "Open Meetings"
Female Student Vocal: "I believe student councils should open up more and reach out to the students and see what they want. Like such as having open meetings."
Male Student Vocals: "Maybe having a suggestion box or talking locker so that people who are not comfortable going to the meetings can do that."
Female Student Vocal: "I worked with a council once where there was an activity club that was working with the council, so the activity club was an open club where anyone could join and anyone could really contribute in any way they wanted to."
Male Student Vocal: « À mon avis, le conseil des élèves peut aller dans les couloirs, peut s'engager avec les élèves, peut parler avec les élèves dans des conversations qui sont complètement confortables et familiales. »
Male Student Vocal: "Student council can raise the student voice by properly diversifying its members."
Visual: Screen fades to white. Words fade in from white background, which read: "How can student councils connect with each other to improve things"
Visual: Words fade in from white background to complete the sentence: "for all students in schools, school boards and the province?"
Female student vocal: "I believe that it is important for student councils to communicate with each other. Just interact with each other and share the dialogue to learn what works for some schools and what doesn't.
Female student vocal: "Sometimes it seems that student councils don't get as much of a say in things as they would like to. But if student councils were to join together, then they will have a bigger say. And not only will they be able to touch on issues that happen at their own school, but also issues that affect the whole entire board."
Male student vocal: "Parle à ton élève conseiller à propos de créer un sénat étudiant dans ton conseil scolaire."
Male Student Vocal: "Talking to your student trustee about getting started with a student senate at your school board is a wonderful idea."
Female student vocal: "The student trustee could really start focusing on, their role within their student council as representatives from all those different levels and take all that information that they get from the board level and bring that back to their schools and that would just connect the student councils in the like most priceless way because they would all be working towards the same goals.
Visual: Screen transitions to white background. Words fade in from white background, which read: "Help engage all students in learning and in school life!"
Voiceover reads: "Help engage all students in learning and in school life!"
Voiceover reads: "Take advantage of the opportunities that SpeakUp provides."
Voiceover reads: "For Student Voice tools and info visit us at"

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