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Good day students welcome to in this clip were going to be going over problems one two three all the PARCC geometry practice tests if you want to download this document feel free to click on this link right here below to gain access to this document right let's take a look at question number one oh yeah we have a message here from Naruto giving the thumbs-up testing you can pass this exam I so problem one says the figure shows relate easy is similar to triangle DEF with the sidelines indicated what is the value of X and then you answer in the box I so on here we do with the problem that to your understanding of similar triangles okay so you triangle ABC a have the symbol an example DEF weather this me this is telling you that these two triangles are similar okay so work for Charlotte ABC is similar to triangle DEF so one of the domain for two triangles to be similar to travel the similar if corresponding angles in great okay if corresponding are congruent and the ratio of correspondence sides are in proportion okay so let's go ahead and write down that are not real quick is tribal ABC is similar to triangle DEF then we have to conditions condition number one corresponding rules are our what okay and then condition number two is that the ratio of correspondence sides ratio of corresponding sides are in proportion okay right so what is the need to corresponding angles to be congruent them is that I will give express going to be handled here are exactly the have the same measure okay so how do we know which I was the corresponding now please please please do not use the diagram to try to figure out what the corresponding angles are you want to let the letters guide you and the order of the letters are very very important okay so a and d are the first letters for the two triangles so that means I will a is corresponding to what the the second triangle okay and I will be in the bigger triangle is our goes corresponding to which I will here on will be okay so she the order the of the second letter and see is corresponding to first of the angle at price angle see corresponds to angle F prime time yet our accurate order of person now we're going to talk about part two which is to ratio corresponding side are in proportion now the best way to figure out which I corresponding used to follow the order of the letters again okay so we have channel ABC and we have triangle DEF From the DEF right so what do we talk about current concerning current the original correspondence sides now side eighty is corresponding to side corresponds to side DT appears go ahead and write down eighty-five eighty corresponds to side the the you see how the one the order what the next step in our correspondence sides side DC corresponds with side F okay so we have side DC change the color there side DC corresponds to side and then lastly side angle from the first of the last AC corresponds to side what the okay so then write it down site AC corresponds to side the that is another set of information that we can determining is to triangles are congruent our I'm sorry similar okay so this corresponding side you in proportion what does that mean that means that the ratio of these have is equal to the ratio this pair and is equal to the ratio of this pair okay so these are the correspondence sides in this travel the similar a be divided by so eighty over to the infinity equal to the BC over yet and I'm going to be equal to AC over DEF okay AC DEF is UDF down here the pair of the bottom the CEF the CEF the second. And eighty DT is the top pair so these ratios are in proportion this is what it means for two triangles to be similar apart from the fact that correspondence rules are congruent this is what we need to solve the problem okay so this problem we looking for the value X which is CD okay so want to find X's rate and down we want to find X which is equal to CD so what are going to do is that take the ratio that have CD or PC see the executive we connected out that ratio endodontic another issue that we know the measure is of the bigger triangle and the smaller triangle okay so BC and yet be this ratio and if you look at the two triangles you find out that we know every answer is that correct from BC so it doesn't matter what can we can okay so we can peek this these two right here two so for BC okay so says is triangles are similar we know that DC over yet is equal to AC over the X button down values of the triangle in their BC is accessible we looking for DEF the X is five AC on the big triangle is twenty-seven and then DEF on the small triangle is not right so we have this ratio is proportion now this over X how we so for X e

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