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Take a textYou have 5 minutes to analyse your text, individually and in silence...

Text A is a transcript from a private data source. Dylan and Rory are twins aged two and five months. They are playing together with some toys and also talking to their mother.
Using the appropriate terminology, examine the language development stage of both child-participants. You should identify and analyse phonology, grammar and meaning. Use your knowledge of theories to support your answer.


Compare your annotations with your groupNote your features, considering frameworksAdd theoryAdd context


Join Spiral.acYou will see a framework. You have five minutes to write one perfect point on that framework. You gain one point for a term, one for relevant theory and one for context. All three will gain five points! If it times out, you will get 0!








Now write a perfect paragraph on a frameworkPick a card to choose your framework...


Perfect ParagraphsYou must include:
terms and examples


BenchmarkTexts A and B are transcripts of Jess (3 years) with her mother. In Text A they are
making a jigsaw. In Text B they are looking at picture cards together.
Using the appropriate terminology to explain your findings, examine the language development stage of Jess as evidenced in the transcript. You should identify and analyse the phonology, grammar and meaning of her utterances. Use your knowledge of theories and concepts of CLA to support your answer.
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