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Interactive video lesson plan for: Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Review & Naming / Nomeclature & Examples

Activity overview:

This video tutorial provides a review of the functional groups and their respective structures that you need to know for your organic chemistry 1 & 2 course. It includes plenty of naming / nomenclature examples and practice problems. You simply have to commit some of these basic functional groups to memorization. Once you know it, this topic will become easy.

Here is a list of functional groups that are covered in this video:
1. alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes
2. alcohols, carboxylic acids, alkyl halides, and haloalkanes
3. esters, ethers, amines, amides, nitriles, and ammonium salts
4. ketones, aldehydes, & epoxides / oxirane
5. conjugated alkenes / alkadienes and allenes / cumulated dienes
6. Substituents: methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, isopropyl, sec-butyl, tert-butyl, isobutyl, isopentyl, phenyl, benzyl, methoxy, ethoxy, hydroxy, amino, nitro, and oxo.
7. Vinyl Halide, allyl halide, aryl halide, phenyl halide, benzyl halide, vicinal dihalide, and geminal dihalide.
8. Aromatic Rings - Benzene, Pyridine, & Phenol
9. Cycloalkanes, cycloalkenes, and bicycloalkanes
10. Thiol, thioether, thioester, peroxyacid, peroxide, sulfonic acid
11. acid chlorides and acid anhydrides
12. Alkoxides - methoxide, ethoxide, tert-butoxide, & phenoxide
13. Imine, Schiff base, Enamine, Vinyl Amine, Enol, Vinyl Alcohol, & The Enolate Ion
14. Amine, Phosphine, Hydroxyl Amine, Ammonium Salt, Phosphonium Salt, Diazonium Salt, & Azide
15. Radicals, Carbocations, Carbanions, & Carbenes
16. Crown ethers, Acetylide Ion, Halohydrins
17. Lactams vs Lactones
18. Hemiacetal, Acetal, Ketal, Hemiketal, & Hydrates,
19. Grignard reagent, organolithium, Gilman Reagent, Organo copper Lithium or dialkyl cuprate
20. Beta hydroxy aldehyde, b-diketones, alpha beta unsaturated ketones, beta ketone ester, malonic ester, and acetoacetic ester

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