"Into the Electronic Millennium" Sven Birkerts green class

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"Into the Electronic Millennium" by Sven BirkertsWrite the sentence you say best represents Birkerts' thesis in the piece.
Write the page number.
Why do you say it is his main claim?


Exploring the Text Question 1Diction is author's word choice.


Question 1 continuedNow look at your list of words together. Imagine holding them all together in your hands. What tone is Birkerts trying to set with this group of words.
Here is a list of tone words to choose from:


Question 2What is the effect of including the comment by Katha Pollit within the footnote to paragraph 7?


Question 3In paragraph 11, Birkerts wonders whether to be impressed or depressed by
"Paglia's ability to disperse her focus." As you read Paglia's statement, did you find
yourself impressed or depressed? Why? Do you think multi-tasking is good for us or bad for us? Are different generations better at multi-tasking than others? What effect will it have on overall productivity?


Question 4Do you agree with what "others might argue" in paragraph 17? How adequately
does Birkerts support the analogy he makes between looking and reading at the
end of the paragraph?


Question 5Analyze the diction in paragraph 2l. Discuss why
Birkerts use so many words that have to do with nature. Are these choices in diction
deliberate, or is our language "naturally" prone to these expressions? Is the
language literal? figurative? ironic?


Question 6How effectively does paragraph 24 answeY the essay's essential question: how are
advances in science and technology affecting the way we define our humanity?


Question 7Considering that so many of us have our own bedrooms, drive our own cars, plug
ourselves into headphones, and so on, do you agree with the claims Birkerts makes
in paragraph25? Why or why not?


Question 8How do Birkerts's references to such sources as the Boston Globe,Harper's,the New
York Times,..and the Washington Post Magazine support his argument?


Question 9Which of the predictions Birkerts makes in paragraphs 19-25 do you believe have
occurred/been realized?
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