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Interactive video lesson plan for: The Da Vinci Shroud - Sindonology

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The origins of the Shroud of Turin and its image are the subject of intense debate among theologians, historians and researchers. Believers think this is the death shroud of Jesus Christ, but carbon dating says it’s a fake. For decades science has failed to discover how the bloody image of a man formed on its cloth. A controversial theory says it could be the work of one of the world’s greatest artists.

Could the most outrageous hoax of all time be the work of Leonardo da Vinci?

The faint and ghostly image of a slaughtered man on a sheet of linen. Blood and sweat stain the cloth, horrific wounds cover his back, puncture marks scar his hands and chest, and a ring of blood surrounds his head. Physical trauma consistent with crucifixion. For centuries this relic was thought to be the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth, Christianity’s most precious relic, despite radiocarbon dating tests dating it to the medieval period. But how the shroud image was formed has baffled scientists for decades, and there is still no consensus on how it was created.

The shroud is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy.

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