Pop's Bridge

Created by Diana Lachance

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Pop's Bridge read through page 130Describe the job of a skywalker.
Describe the job of a painter.
Which one do you think is most important? why?


Pop's Bridge read through page 131Describe the way the narrator feels about Pop's job as a skywalker on different types of weather days.


Pop's Bridge read through page 135Why do you think this bridge is called the impossible bridge? Cite text evidence from the beginning of the story that helps the reader understand this label.


Pop's Bridge read through page 138How does the illustration on page 138 work with the text to help us to know what each of the boys are thinking and feeling?


Pop's Bridge read through page 140What message does this quote from the text give the reader?
"I finally understand, and I feel ashamed. Equal work, equal danger, for skywalkers and for painters."


Pop's Bridge read through page 144What is the importance of the illustration on page 144?


After text questionWhat event in this story is significant (important)? Why?


After text questionWhat is the central message, theme, big idea?


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