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Interactive video lesson plan for: 25 most commonly used Idioms and their Meaning

Activity overview:

1. A Penny for Your Thoughts 00.00
Your friend takes too long to respond. He or she is zoning... there is an idiom that just might come in handy if you want to draw his attention! A penny for your thoughts!

2. Hold Your Horse 01.00
Patience is a virtue that we rarely ever have... It's tough! Especially when there are fun things you can do...
3. Back to the Drawing Board 01.42
Sometimes things just don't go as you plan. Things crumble, and you're left to start from scratch... That's exactly what this idiom stands for!
4. Against the Clock 02.37
There is lots to do in virtually no time at all! What do you race against? Something that keeps tick, tick, ticking away.
5. Hit the Sack 03.31
Long exhausting day? There is just the place for you to hit! It's soft, warm and cosy!
6. Spade up04.17
Ah well! There is too much of caking around your plants? Is it muddy? There is something you can do to loosen it all up... That's what this idiom stands for!

7. Be Glad to See the Back of 05.14
Some people are so annoying! You'd rather see them walk away. That's what this little phrase stands for!

8. New Kid on the Block 05.54
There is someone new joining your group? Great! Make them as comfortable as you can... the new kid on the block!

9. A Breath of Fresh Air 06.44
When life gets too mundane, all you need is a little of change to make it all look better again!

10. Chicken Scratch 07.20
Some people have such horrible handwriting! You can barely read a letter, let alone words! There is a useful description for that: Chicken scratch!

11. Call It a Day 08.05
Worked for too long, and you're tired. There is one thing that will recharge you, call it a day!

12. On Pins and Needles 08.45
Anxiety pricks! Ow, ow, ow! You never know what to expect... You get throbbing jabs
13. At the Drop of a Hat 09.32
Some things are extremely spontaneous... People plan things in no time at all. Without thinking twice...
14. Lend an Ear 10.16
It's important to be able to empathize with people. Listen up and understand what they have to say. The first step is to lend an ear...
15. Quiet As a Mouse 11.12
The most successful thieves in all households live in little burrows... They sneak out quietly... Here is an idiom that uses that as an example.
16. Keep Under Wraps 11.53
When you know something needs to be kept safe you cover it up... Here is a useful phrase that means just that!
17. Be Dead to the World 12.40
Some people can shut off completely when they go to sleep! They can't hear clamors, they don't respond at all... Here is an expression that states that.
18. Cut Corners 13.22
Little money and no time at all. What do you do? You come up with the cheap and best design!
19. Southpaw 14.11
Left-handed people have the toughest time adjusting with the rest of the world. There is a reason they're called southpaws...
20. Bag of Bones 14.54
Some people are nothing but skin and bones... There is no flesh! There is a short phrase that precisely sums it up!

21. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 15.37
Absence is something that adds value to relationships. You miss that special person more when they are not around!
22. Add Insult to Injury 16.30
What hurts more when you're injured? Harsh words! It only digs deeper into your wounds.

23. The Best of Both Worlds 17.27
Some people are multifaceted and multi-talented and they enjoy the advantages of different environments!

24. Face Your Demons 18.15
When fear cripples you, you fight back, but how? By facing it! Face your demons!
25. No Love Lost 19.10
Hatred is something that leaves no warm feelings in the hearts of people.

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