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Interactive video lesson plan for: Correct Erhu Posture [Intermediate Lesson]

Activity overview:

Free Chinese Video Lesson from ChinesePodTV:

In today's video lesson, we demo a real Er hu and show off this wonderful instrument for you. In the dialogue, you'll hear a music teacher give some useful tips to their student on correct posture to make the er hu sing out.


练 liàn to practice
肩膀 jiānbǎng shoulders
几乎 jīhū almost
紧张 jǐnzhāng tense
耸肩 sǒngjiān to shrug one's shoulders
松 sōng to loosen
拉琴 lāqīn to play a string instrument
曲子 qǔzi tune
姿势 zīshì posture; position
撑开 chēngkāi to hold away
轻松 qīngsōng lightly; relaxed
稍微 shāowēi slightly
压 yā to press down
声音 shēngyīn sound
看 kàn to depend upon
速度 sùdù speed
节奏感 jiézòugǎn rhythm
离开 líkāi to leave
手腕 shǒuwàn wrist
自然 zìrán naturally

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Help us caption & translate this video!

Help us caption & translate this video!

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