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Interactive presentation plan for: Temperature, 17 April 2017

Activity overview:

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The picture below shows a possible experimental set up to Calibrate a Celsius Thermometer

Learning Objectives

- Calculating temperature using change in thermometric properties

liquid-in-glass thermometer

Length of liquid column varies continuously and linearly with termperature

calculate temperature based on change in length

Draw line representing change of length against change of temperature.

Mark out ice point (0℃) and steam point (100℃) on graph.

Label corresponding coordinates as l_0 and l_100.

Mark an arbitrary length between the two fixed points as l_θ, tracing using a dotted line to get the temperature θ

what you should have now.

consider gradient of graph
- from ice to steam point
- from ice to unknown temperature


3. In an unmarked mercury thermometer, the lengths of the mercury thread l_0 and l_100 are
5.0cm and
25.0cm respectively.
What is the temperature θ when l_θ is
14.0 cm and
(b) 3cm

Other thermometric properties

Other thermometric properties

resistance thermometer

resistance thermometer

Resistance R of a fixed length of wire varies continuously with temperature over a range of values




Compare voltage reading with calibrated values for ice and steam points.


Worksheet 8
MCQ Qn 2
Section B Qn 1-2


Go through your checklist, and answer this slide's question

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