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Interactive presentation plan for: Digital Citizenship (copy)

Activity overview:

9 slides

1. ________________ is the online world of computers and the internet.

A. Spam
B. Identity theft
C. Hackers
D. Cyberspace

2. Which of the following is something that is okay to share online?

A. Your favorite sport
B. Your birthdate
C. Your password
D. The name of your schoo

3. Which of the following people are safe to meet offline?

A. Someone from your favorite online game.
B. Someone from a chat room about your favorite band.
C. Someone who says he knows your cousin.
D. It is never safe to meet someone you met online.

_________________ is a crime that happens when someone gets the personal information of another person and uses it to steal money or pretend to be that person.

A. Privacy
B. Spam
C. Identity theft
D. Bystander

Some websites use ________________ (which means using false e-mails and fake websites) to collect your personal information.

A. Cyberbullying
B. Phishing
C. Cyberspace
D. Netiquette

Websites that are good for kids ____________________________.

A. Ask for a credit card to use
B. Have a lot of advertisements
C. Have fun things to do that are safe for kids
D. Ask for your personal information

How can you help protect your computer from viruses or spam?

A. Open all e-mails even if you don't know the sender.
B. Don't enter any online contests.
C. Complete an online survey.
D. Give out your e-mail every time a site asks for it.

What is a bystander?

A. People who witness an event (like cyberbullying) but take no action.
B. Someone who stands next to you in line.
C. Someone who keeps walking by you while you are working on a computer.
D. Someone who likes to stand up to type.

Which of the following is something you should NOT do if a cyberbully is bothering you?

A. Save the evidence.
B. Get an adult to help.
C. Block their e-mails.
D. Send a mean message back to them.

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