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Interactive video lesson plan for: Do The Quad Solve (WSHS Math Rap Song)

Activity overview:

(Parody of Do The John Wall by Troop 41)
Westerville South High School, Westerville, Ohio

Ha-ha-haaa! Westerville, what it is?
What up South? Ha-ha Yeah!
Hey we gonna show this class how to do the quad solve
All you gotta do is...(D Schizzo) just flex on these students...(Mr. Winna')
And watch us solve (Dr. Murph)

South be the school where we like to do the dance
Flex to the left get some pencils in ya hands
We do it for our school and
We do it for the grades
But to solve these quads
Boy you gotta do the dance
Everybody do the quad solve, quad solve,
quad solve, quad solve, quad solve, quad solve,
quad solve, quad solve,

(Verse 1: Dr. Murph) FACTORING
Everybody listen, pay attention class
We're bout to solve quads, so that ya'll can pass
We'll teach you 3 methods, x is what we're after
To start off first watch "Teach Me How To Factor"
I'm trying to tell em, ya'll got to try this
If factorin won't work for you we'll go down our list
First break it down into two quantities
They're linear factors, we solve em with ease
The zero product property comes into effect
Each piece should equal zero and then you solve for x
Ha there's a shortcut, if speed is what you want
The opposite of the back, divided by the front
And if x was any part of...a Greatest Common Factor
The answer to that piece is zero, believe me I'm a doctor
Mixing math with music, we helping students learn
Keep your minds open, this class is not adjourned


Yeah I teach it, but factoring aint how I preach it
We bend it and send it, but at times the factors just don't mend it
But don't you worry...we got another way to solve it
Complete the square baby, that's the way that I dissolve it
Hang with me in my class and your good grades will not diminish
Here's the lesson by my boy...he will get you to the finish
Quadratic thinking, get your terms all high to low
Divide everything by A, you know that is how I roll
Move C to the other side
Cut B in half (square it) add this to both sides
Trinomial perfect square, you just have to recognize
This will simplify when you go and Radicalize
Ha yeah Stand tall, yeah we call this the quad solve
All I do is solve, I get it and I can solve em all
My boy's all finished up, he be prime time
At South we teach em well, mixin it with ill rhymes


(Verse 3: D Schizzo) QUADRATIC FORMULA
Oh yeah we solving, solving until we falling
If you get to a problem we can help if you be stalling...
The quadratic formula, it is here to make your day
Whole classroom do the dance, cause this is the third way
Better take out your calc, cause some of these be insane
You gotta plug and chug, and soon you'll make it rain
First you find, A, B, C and write it down on em
Now plug em in, put parentheses around on em
Fix up that discriminant sittin in the back on em
It'll be imaginary or so real on em
Class going bananas...I get it figured out on em
plus or minus this to the opposite of B on em
Divide the top all by 2-A on em
Time to start the class, bout to give this test on em
Yeah, Dub South we gonna show them how to do it
Do the Quad Solve it ain't really nothin to it


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11 questions

1. Write this down and work it out. Check with your neighbor. (00:01:26)

2. The opposite of the back divided by the front. Do you like this shortcut better than solving? Discuss. (00:01:42)

3. Remember! If a number divides everything, we factor it out. (00:01:49)

4. Write this stuff down! The title for this section is "Completing the Square" (00:02:45)

5. Factor x^2-8x 16 on your papers. Check with a neighbor. Then, write these steps down. Think about where the -3 comes from. Discuss as a class. How does it work with the problem you did at the start? (00:02:54)

6. Write it down! Title is "Quadratic Formula Example" (00:03:51)

7. Only the square root is changing. Why and how? Can you figure it out. I've left some hints on the board. (00:03:59)

8. Write it down! (00:04:06)

9. Why isn't the 6 divided? Something to do with PEMDAS perhaps? (00:04:08)

10. Write it down, check in (00:04:16)

11. Now, using oral response, work on memorizing the quadratic formula by chunking using the words and red commas on the board. (00:04:41)

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