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Based on the context of lines 21-22, what is the meaning of defame?In paragraph 4, what is the meaning of the word romp?In line 30, what is the meaning of the word beset?In paragraph 8, what does the word absorbed tell the reader about Craig?


Which quote from the selection shows the reason Chip nearly missed the race?Based on the selection, what can be inferred about slalom skiing?


In the sentence below from paragraph 4, what does the word precise tell the reader?

“Machines are often used because they are faster and more precise than counting votes by hand.”
In paragraph 8, how is the word anxious used?


In paragraph 4, what does the figurative language below describe?

“On either side of the trail stood spruce laden with quilts of sparkling white”
In paragraph 20, what is the effect of comparing the skiers to springs?


In the selection, why do ballots from Afghanistan have stamp-sized pictures next to the names of the candidates?According to the selection, what is the purpose of gluons?


In the last paragraph, why did the author include the quote from Chris Quigg?What is the purpose of the first paragraph?


Which statement gives support to the assertion that George Henderson created the wave?What is the reason the selection is named "From Marbles to Machines"?


According to the selection, why is there controversy over the creation of the wave?In the selection, how are green paint, narrow Roman bridges, and purple ink similar?


According to the selection, why is voting privately by paper ballot called “kangaroo voting”?In paragraph 3, what does the word zoomed suggest happened to the atoms?


Which quote from the selection supports the theme?Which is a summary of the selection?


How are the characters in this selection affected by the setting?How does the conversation in paragraphs 2 and 3 impact the story’s plot?


Based on the selection, what is the author’s attitude toward the new scientific record?


What is the summary of the section “The Science of the Wave”?Which quotation summarizes the central idea of this selection?


What is the effect of the author’s use of foreshadowing in paragraph 4?How does the use of descriptive language affect the reader?


According to the selection, why does Craig withhold his fears of swimming from his cousin, Matt?
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