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Interactive video lesson plan for: Hey Bill Nye, 'Let's Save Planet Earth before We Move to Mars' #TuesdaysWithBill

Activity overview:

Why can't we marshall the enthusiasm we have for exploring Mars to solve problems on planet Earth? Bill Nye says we're natural explorers and that potential discoveries on Mars have captured our imagination.

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Transcript - Sam: Hi Bill. My name is Sam. My question for you is why are we trying to live on Mars and re-create Earth there by making an atmosphere and soil and water we can drink and such? Why can't we take those ideas, that motivation and direct it at our own planet that we clearly need the help with? Why is it easier to start fresh on another planet than to get people talking about our own?

Bill Nye: Sam. Sam, you are my man. Sam, you're thinking as I do. I meet a lot of people. I am the CEO of The Planetary Society. We advanced space science and exploration. I encourage you to join. And as I say about The Planetary Society, we are not crazy. You meet a lot of people. I meet a lot of people who want to go to Mars and make it like Earth, just as the very idea that you're questioning. And I think people, first of all, just don't grasp the scale of it. It's a planet. It's a whole planet. It's not a wetland that you can reclaim and build a parking garage on top of, it's a whole planet. Furthermore, this planet where you and I are from is perfectly suited to us. We, our ancestors and their ancestors and so on grew up here tuned to these environments, to these climates that we have here on earth. And so people want to go to Mars in the spirit of adventure. Now, as you may infer from my accent I'm from the United States and a lot of my ancestors came here from Denmark and Europe and they set up shop in what the colony of Massachusetts and then they went all the way across North America through Wyoming, the state of Wyoming and now to the West Coast to Washington state and California. And they did that in this great tradition of a pioneering spirit is keep going, keep expanding, keep spreading out and humankind has done that. Everybody is from Africa. Our ancestors are all from the continent of Africa and we spread all over the world. Spread to Australia across an open ocean. The Polynesians in canoes were like we're spreading out man. We're going. So people think well let's spread out and go to Mars. Read Full Transcript Here: http://goo.gl/jrNJJx.

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