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Integrating Technologies-Spiral

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In Spiral, they're three ways to teach your lesson...* Quikfire

*Discuss (what were basically using)

*Team Up


What is the Purpose?


Quikfire* Lesson Starters

*Introducing new topics

*Reviewing a lesson or topic

*Assessing student progress

*Reinforcing Knowledge


Discuss* Class collaboration

*Class discussions/building a shared knowledge base

*Engaging all students in the class, even the quiet ones

*Tracking student progress

*Informing teacher planning of lessons


Team Up* Group collaborations - where you would want a shared outcome

*This works equally well with individual devices or teams of students sharing a single device


How can we use it in ECE class?* Since Quickfire is based on a question and answer type of lesson, it can be used for a review as a small group based on individual lessons that each have done, or as a whole class to review for a quiz or a test

*Discuss can be a presentable power point for the whole class to learn a lesson, especially for those who would want to take notes, plus they can interact during the lesson

*Team Up is simply a group project, plus each person in your group can share the work equally
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