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Interactive video lesson plan for: Doodles

Activity overview:

My first cel animation. Made when I was sixteen on Super-8mm film. I bought some non-adhesive book-covering film from W.H.Smiths, and some dry-wipe marker pens, and off I went. I started I think with four cels, but later expanded to six and possibly as many as eight. The cels were held in place with Meccano and Blutak. It was lit with one ordinary Anglepoise lamp, which explains the dull orange look. Since the cels didn't lie flat (they came on a roll), the look of each frame varies a bit. The camera was propped up on a plank of wood with some books and looked down through a hole cut in the plank.

There is no overall plot, just a few unconnected silly sequences. I was quite proud of the bit when the adventurer runs through the maze, as seen from behind him. Yes, his running action isn't great, but I only had four cels to do it with, and the other two cels were the world around him, which I was drawing entirely by eye as I went along.

How to trap an adventurer: hang a rope in front of a pit. Seeing the rope, he will naturally swing on it and end up over the pit.

I can remember giggling for ages as I animated the bit where he sets fire to his cloak accidentally. It was stupidly funny the fact that I could see the flames but he hadn't noticed them yet.

Sorry about the awful picture quality. I've been trying to get my Pinnacle software to work properly for three days, and have reinstalled the whole thing three times, and chatted to support on-line for hours. This is the best I could do. Every time I got the picture looking right, the programme went berserk.

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