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Interactive video lesson plan for: Animal Farm film 1999

Activity overview:

Animal Farm TNT version 1999

Tagged under: Animal Farm,Orwell,Russian Revolution

28 questions

1. The director is making some obvious setting choices in the opening scene. What do you think of this choice? (00:01:25)

2. Jesse, the dog, refers to Napoleon's dream society as "evil." Do you agree or not. The attempt was for equality and that seems good. Do you think his idea was "evil." Explain. (00:01:58)

3. Again, the director made a dramatic setting change. The first scene was a flashback after the end of Animal Farm and we learn that the story will be told throughthe eyes of Jesse, the dog. The scene is dark and gloomy. Now, as they move to life before Animal Farm, the setting has changed. Again, tell me about this choice and what your thoughts are about what this says about both society's (before and after Animal Farm). (00:02:30)

4. What do these actions state about the relationship Mr. Jones has with his neighbors' farms? (00:03:11)

5. What does this convey about Mr. Jones' work ethic and skill? (00:03:33)

6. What is the significance of this interaction, which occurs prior to Old Major's speech? (00:05:50)

7. What does this state about the relationship Mr. Jones has with his wife? With all the happens in the first couple of minutes of the movie, how do you feel about Mr. Jones' life? (00:06:16)

8. Thinking about how Napoleon and Snowball aim to get power, please give a explanation of how this is different from how Old Major has established power. (00:08:27)

9. What is stated about alcohol here? Alcohol continues to be a running theme in the book and movie, a symbol for temptation that pulls us from what is important. Please elaborate on temptation as it relates to society, specifically, is all temptation bad? Explain. (00:09:34)

10. Explain the relevance of the animals struggling with a change in life style. (00:11:16)

11. In thinking about the wisdom that Old Major gives, "All animals are friends and all humans are enemy," what part of this statement are the pigs good at following through with and what are they not? Elaborate. (00:11:40)

12. Do you believe in the statement, "anything in excess is not good"? Explain. (00:12:26)

13. Why add in this scene where Mr. Jones sleeps with Mr. Pinkerton's wife? What is the point? What it is supposed to say or build on? (00:14:22)

14. Why make the choice to have the gun go off when Mr. Jones trips? Explain. (00:15:23)

15. How do you like your ham cooked? (00:16:11)

16. If dogs had a conscious, do you think they would chew on bones? What does this say about morals and ethics? (00:17:57)

17. Looking at this scene and seeing beer bottles on the table at breakfast and then him neglecting his farm, how does this relate to what happens to Napoleon? (00:18:58)

18. Random question: There are the saying, "Ignorance is bliss" and "Knowledge is power." What do you think about both of these and how does it relate to the animals at Animal Farm? (00:20:29)

19. When Napoleon says, "Wait and see" in regards to a plan. Do you take this as he doesn't have a plan and things will develop or do you think he already has a plan that he wants to impliment? (00:24:47)

20. Please explain the importance of education in a society? Where do you rank it in order of importance. Most importance, top 3, top 5, top 10. Explain. (00:38:40)

21. What is the importance of the TV? What does this say about the pigs and the other animals? (00:41:54)

22. Never asked you, but who would you vote for? (00:49:45)

23. What does that saying mean, "What goes around comes around"? Do you believe in this? Explain. (00:57:31)

24. Do you think that within a society it is important for their to be sub-committees to meet to discuss topics and issues? Do they impede on the progress of the entire group or do they enhance it? (00:59:26)

25. What are some possible ideas to build a positive culture? It clearly doesn't seem like one is happening here. What is one example the pigs could try to help build positivity and connections? (01:03:55)

26. What is the difference between having a meeting in person versus broadcasting it? Why would the pigs choose to do such a thing? (01:10:19)

27. What do you think about this idea of a rebellion from the rebellion? Does this happen in real life? In history? Explain. (01:18:25)

28. As the characters in this story progress, they learn a lot and clearly their "character" has changed. Please list three characters and explain how they changed and what they learned based on what they experienced. (01:27:12)

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