Shiloh Chapter 6

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PinnochioName one lie Marty told in chapter 6.


Fib vs. LieDo you think there is a difference between a fib and a lie? Why or why not?


Wormy PeachesIn chapter 6 Marty talks about how he's "going half hungry" because he's giving half of his food to Shiloh and doesn't want to take extra food from his family's table because it would cost his family money "they can't afford." So, he finds wormy peaches, bites off a piece, spits it out, picks out the worms, and then eats it. How would you have handled this situation?


What's right?How can a person choose between rules that seem to be in conflict?


"You tryin' to be smart with me, boy?"What did Marty infer when he said, "Turned out how?" on page 54?
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