Compare/Contrast Sky and Rose.

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Women and the TalibanToday, we will collaborate on three questions. The first question is to consider the Middle Eastern (Afganistan) dilema for Ahmedi and her asthmatic mother. After watching the video, record your thoughts on the following questions. Below, post 2-4 Academic Sentence Starters you will practice using.


Question 1After watching the video, what are your critical thoughts about how women are treated around the world. Consider also that both men and women are not allowed to use the internet or wireless cell phones. What are the implications of these actions world wide? Do we have the responsibility to help people in crisis?


Question 2What are the similarities and differences between the poem, "Rose," and the autobiography, "Sky?" Consider the theme of both. How are they the same or different?


Submarine Dive! Deep Critical Thinking! Get Ready.What do these texts say about us as human beings?
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