Humanity's Moral Nature

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Humanity's Moral Nature


Philosophical ClassisicmHumanity is good but has the capacity to do evil.
Consistent with Judeo-Christian doctrine of Original Sin
Humanity was created good but through misuse of free will chooses that which is evil
Humainty is responsible for its choices.


Phiiosophical Romaniticism17th and 18th century - Descartes and Rousseau
humanity is wholly good
Evil comes from the outside of the person
society is responsible for corrupting humanity's natural goodness


Calvinism and HobbismJohn Calvin - Protestant reformer
Thomas Hobbes - English philosopher
believed humanity was wholly evil, incapable of choosing good and
must be controlled by God
(Calvin)Pre-destination - our futures already determined by God: we have no choice
(Hobbes) it is our nature to be self-centered


Philosophical Naturalism19th and 20th century thinkers such as Marx, Darwin, Freud
humankind is neither good or bad
humanity is morally neutral
no such thing as free will
people respond to biological, psychological and environmental stimuli


Your responseOf the four philosophies presented, which seems more in line with your present outlook on human behavior and why?
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