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Interactive video lesson plan for: English lesson 87 - Intimidate. Vocabulary & Grammar lessonsfor learning English - ESL

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Learn to speak fluent English -- Accent Training, Correct Grammar usage, Idioms, Phrases and vocabulary with example sentences.

Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 87 : Intimidate
Sometimes you feel inferior to someone due to which you get nervous or you just fear someone or something due to their appearance, attitude or personality.
The word intimidate basically means to make someone feel fearful or induce a sense of inferiority into someone.
Someone  who is intimidated, feels frightened and lacks confidence because of the situation they are in or the people they are with.
It also means to make someone in awe of you. A film star has all his fans in awe of him due to his personality, looks and stardom.
The word intimidate is used as verb as it shows the action of frightening or making someone feel nervous.
The word Intimidating is an adjective, as it describes the behavior of a person who  induces fear or demands greater respect.
Intimidation is used as a noun.
For example, your manager who is very experienced, dignified and confident intimidates you, as you are in awe of him or you may fear him.

Example 01 : Due to the sudden downfall of the company, all the employees were intimidated into accepting a pay cut by the threat of losing their jobs.

Example 02 : The gangster intimidated James at a gunpoint  and asked him to surrender all his valuables.

Example 03 : Little Mary never speaks up in class as she is always intimidated by the more confident and aggressive students who appear smarter to her.

Example 04 : Jennifer broke free from her boyfriend because of his intimidating and dominating nature.

Example 05 : Sheila told her friend, " The whole idea of leaving my family and going to the Oxford University intimidates me."

Example 06 : When Grandfather was gifted a smart phone, the android technology intimidated him as he wasn't tech savvy.

Example 07 : Speaking in front of a large audience can be very intimidating for many people.  

Example 08 : Peter was intimidated with his hard core training undertaken by his fitness instructor.

Example 09 : The little child was intimidated when the doctor started examining his ears. 

Example 10 : To intimidate his students, the teacher shouted at them so they could maintain discipline.

Example 11 : The doctor's word of caution during her pregnancy  was very intimidating for Catherine.

Example 12: With his style and persona, Kelly found her date Richard, to be one of the most intimidating men she had ever met.

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