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Interactive video lesson plan for: Episode 12: Appu's Arc of Rescue (Appu - The Yogic Elephant)

Activity overview:

We all know what a sensitive action hero Appu is... He hears calls for help, and bam he's there with this electrified trunk. What is that special thing in him that gives him that extra boost to go about saving people from disasters? He's got all the power, and all the heart! That's how he saves the planet, and does his part.

He is the kind of hero who is not only courageous, but instills courage in all his friends as well... How else would Igress, a tigress who is born and raised in a zoo muster up all her courage to answer her call of the wild... And Stretchy! She has an amazing neck that can stretch anywhere, and spot things from miles away. All of her strengths were of no use until Appu taps into them, and gives her the much needed confidence in herself.

Now, where are we? The previous episode ends with a brackish bank filled with slime. Mounds and mounds of fish swim out of the water. They figure they are better safe out of it than swimming in it... what an irony! How does Appu lead his fantastic team to the spot...

That's where his newest power comes to the fore... Behold, the power of meditation, and that supreme atman force! His soothing green mental-self soars up, and zooms to the site in no time.

While the Stretchy, Neena, and Tiger plan on transporting the fish through boat... he jumps leaps and bounds higher, sucks in all the poor fishies from the banks, and shoots them across. They make quite a grand sight...

Ahh... well! We don't know where the arc ends. Knowing Appu, and knowing how thoughtful and quick he is, you should probably not be surprised that the fish are definitely in their piscine heaven...

Neena and Tiger have been tagging along in all this adventure. They eat fruits that they've never had before... They grow extremely fond of the forest. Do they belong there? Sadly no. They have a place to go back to...

What about all the stench that Neena might carry from the river? She moves the fish from the bank to the boats with her frock... Uh-oh not a good idea... Bound to drench her clothes in stench... Tiger is on all fours, trampling merrily all along the trail.

Will her parents literally smell something fishy here? Will they be okay with their little girl wandering off, playing in awful smelling rivers... They certainly will not be. How will they react, if Neena was to tell them about the places she's been to?

There are some even more burning questions: Why is the river so dirty? How could a place that has so much of life in it suddenly become unlivable? There is something in the river that is obviously suffocating the fish. The color of the river is not natural AT ALL. What could possibly cause all this change in the water? Watch this episode to find out!

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