Creativity and Intelligence

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Are you really smarter?IQ tests are tools for measuring a person’s intelligence that have been used for almost a hundred years. There is something called the Flynn effect, which is a trend that shows that IQ scores go up about 3 points every decade; this means that in 1932 the average score was 100, but by 2012 reached 124 (Crockett, Jukes, & Churches, 2011).


CreativityDid you know that there is also something called the Torrance Tests of Critical Thinking that measures critical thinking? These test scores also exhibit the Flynn effect with scores increasing 3.2 points every decade (Crocket et al., 2011).


A recent study analyzing 30,000 Torrance scores since the test was developed in 1966 show that scores rose steadily until 1990; however, in the past 25 years, scores have steadily gone down in America while global scores are on the rise (Crockett et al., 2011).


A Perplexing ProblemSome speculate that the possible causes are TV and video games taking precedence over creative activities while others believe the downward trend in scores is cause by a lack of creativity development in schools caused by the focus on standards and high-stakes testing that diverts time away from abstract thinking and open-mindedness (Crockett et al., 2011).


Intelligence and Creativity


The role of schools in promoting and developing Creativity?
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