LESSON 2 SUMMARIZE pages 13-23

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Which sentence BEST summarizes the poem?A. James looks at birds circling in the sky.B. James watches the clouds changing shape.C. James listens to the sound of the ocean in a shell.D. James finds a shell that helps him find his way home.


Which sentence BEST states the theme of the poem?A. With age comes knowledge and experience.B. The wind is a powerful force.C. Some shells last longer than other shells.D. Getting lost is fun and exciting.


(pg.21) Where does this passage take place?A. in a classroomB. in an auditoriumC. at a parkD. on a roof


What is Jamar's motivation for ignoring Oscar?A. He doesn't want to get in trouble.B. He doesn't hear him.C. He wants to annoy him.D. He wants to focus on his playing.


Which word Best describes Marla?cleverhonestresponsiblehumorous


Describe the conflict in the story and how it was solved.
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