Lesson 3

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manipulated (manipulate, manipulating, manipulation)When something is manipulated, it is controlled or influenced.

When a persons feelings are manipulated, they can often feel tricked or angry.

The boy manipulated the remote to drive the car.


menace (menacing)Something that threatens danger or harm is a menace.

Rust can be a menace to art objects made of iron.

The dog was growling at the stranger in a menacing manner.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv5x2tEOeHg />
Dennis the Menace Clip- 3:25


resolve (resolved, resolving, resolution)


precisely (precise, precision)


conclusion (concluding, concluded)


emphatically (emphatic)To speak emphatically is to give special emphasis, or force, to what is said.

When an audience claps emphatically, with force, performers often return to the stage.


agony (agonizing, agonized, agonizingly)To go through terrible suffering is to experience agony.

The death of his grandmother caused the young boy great agony. He was in agonizing emotional pain at her funeral.


demeanor (demeanors)Your demeanor is the way in which you act or behave.

A cartoonist's drawing might show a character's demeanor, or behavior, in a few pen-and-ink lines.


vigorously (vigor)To do something actively, with great energy, is to do it vigorously.

Street dancers perform their moves vigorously, with strong movements.


revolting (revolt, revolts, revulsion)Something that is disgusting is revolting.

People react to art in different ways. Some may love it, while others may find it revolting.
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