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Quickfire formative assessment plan for: Math Relay 1

Activity overview:

16 questions

1. Jane is older than Kim. Kim is older than Shawn. Shawn is younger than Jane. Rachel is older than Jane List the people from oldest to youngest.

Question type: open

2. A ball is dropped from a height of 125m. Each time it hits the ground it bounces 3/5 of the height it fell. How high will the ball bounce on the 3rd bounce?

Question type: open

3. What is the four-digit number in which the first digit is one-third the second, the third is the sum of the first and second, and the last is three times the second?

Question type: open

4. In the first year of production a play sells 1572 tickets, in its second year it sells 1753 tickets, in its third year it sells 152 less than in its second year. How many tickets are sold in 3 years?

Question type: open

5. Add up all the numbers on the telephone dial, and then multiply that sum by every number on the telephone dial. What do you get?

Question type: open

6. Replace each blank with the correct digit.

Question type: canvas

7. How many cubes are needed to build this solid figure?

Question type: open

8. were offered £60 for one and sold it. Then you changed your mind when you saw another such lamp being sold for more, and bought it back for £70. You then sold it for £80. The 2nd one didn’t sell at all, so you reduced it to 10% of what you paid for it and finally managed to get rid of it. Overall, how much money did you make or lose

Question type: open

9. Place the digits 9, 4, 7, 6, 5, 1, in the boxes in order to get the largest result.

Question type: canvas

10. John was having a hard time lining up his tin soldiers. He didn’t have that many (fewer than a hundred) but he couldn’t seem to arrange them in parade properly. He kept having numbers left over. He tried rows of 5 and there were 4 left over – rows of 6, 4 left over – rows of 7, 1 left over. He finally decided to have a very narrow parade and arranged them in rows of 4. This time it worked. What’s the smallest number of tin soldiers he could have?

Question type: open

11. The antique TV set you bought has proved very difficult to sell. At first it was priced at £100, but you had to mark it down to £80. Then it was marked down to £64. How much will it cost after the next markdown?

Question type: open

12. Linda didn’t like to tell her age, so when she was asked, her mother answered for her. Her mother said, “I’m just seven times as old as she is now. In twenty years, she will be just half the age that I will be then.” How old is clever little Linda?

Question type: open

13. I stroll daily at 2 miles an hour. My jogger friend, however, has worked to change this, saying, “Why don’t you jog? You’d cover the same 12-mile distance, and you’d save a lot of time.” I notice that he jogs exactly 3 times as fast as I stroll. How much time will I save if I jogged with him?

Question type: open

14. Using the number 987654321 and seven addition signs we can make 99: 9+8+7+65+4+3+2+1 = 99 Can you use 987654321 and six addition signs to make 99?

Question type: open

15. Divide the clock face into 3 parts with 2 lines so that the sum of the numbers in the three parts are equal.

Question type: canvas

16. The local candy shop sold large packets of candy for 25c and small packets for 10c. The new cashier wasn’t up to the job, though; she marked down the number of packaets she sold, but forgot to record their prices. At the end of the day, she found she had sold 385 packs of candy and had $62.65 in cash. Fortunately, she figured out how many of each size of packs of candy she had sold before her boss came by. Can you?

Question type: open

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