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Interactive video lesson plan for: CAHSEE Algebra and Functions pt II 81-90

Activity overview:

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ALGEBRA AND FUNCTIONS The following ten California mathematics academic content standards from the Algebra and Functions strand are assessed on the CAHSEE by 17 test questions and are represented in this booklet by 40 released test questions. These questions represent only a few of the ways in which these standards may be assessed on the CAHSEE. GRADE 7 — ALGEBRA AND FUNCTIONS Standard Set 1.0Students express quantitative relationships by using algebraic terminology, expressions, equations, inequalities, and graphs:1.1Use variables and appropriate operations to write an expression, an equation, an inequality, or a system of equations or inequalities that represents a verbal description (e.g., three less than a number, half as large as area A). 1.2Use the correct order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions such as 3(2x + 5)2.1.5Represent quantitative relationships graphically and interpret the meaning of a specific part of a graph in the situation represented by the graph. Standard Set 2.0 Students interpret and evaluate expressions involving integer powers and simple roots: 2.1Interpret positive whole-number powers as repeated multiplication and negative whole-number powers as repeated division or multiplication by the multiplicative inverse. Simplify and evaluate expressions that include exponents. 2.2Multiply and divide monomials; extend the process of taking powers and extracting roots to monomials when the latter results in a monomial with an integer exponent.Standard Set 3.0Students graph and interpret linear and some nonlinear functions: 3.1Graph functions of the form y = nx 2 and y = nx 3 and use in solving problems.3.3Graph linear functions, noting that the vertical change (change in y-value) per unit of horizontal change (change in x-value) is always the same and know that the ratio ("rise over run") is called the slope of a graph.3.4Plot the values of quantities whose ratios are always the same (e.g., cost to the number of an item, feet to inches, circumference to diameter of a circle). Fit a line to the plot and understand that the slope of the line equals the quantities.Standard Set 4.0Students solve simple linear equations and inequalities over the rational numbers:4.1Solve two-step linear equations and inequalities in one variable over the rational numbers, interpret the solution or solutions in the context from which they arose, and verify the reasonableness of the results.4.2Solve multistep problems involving rate, average speed, distance, and time or a direct variation.

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