StoneFox Chapter Five

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Question 1Summarize Doc Smith's explanation as to why we have to pay taxes.


Question 2What solution does everyone suggest for Little Willy?


Question 3Who is Stone Fox ?


Question 4" Where there's a will, there's a way." Explain what Grandfather meant at this.


Question 5List Five Character Traits that Willy has
Hint: What type of person is Willy. Example Kind


Which best describes the main idea of the chapter?a. Willy was looking for a way to save the farm.
b. Willy talked to everyone he knew about his problem.
c. Grandfather was still very sick.
d. Willy saw a poster for a dog sled race.


Question 7Summarize this chapter.
Don't forget to beginning with transitional words such as... In the Beginnng.... In the Middle... At the End
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