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Interactive video lesson plan for: YouTube Webinar: How To Produce Awesome Videos on a Budget

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Interested in the Emerging Filmmakers Program at Howcast? Check out this webinar from the YouTube Creator's Corner! Darlene Liebman and Heather Menicucci sit down with some of Howcast's most innovative filmmakers to discuss tips and tricks for creating top-notch videos on a tight budget.

Heather: Hey, welcome to our Guerrilla Filmmaking Webinar. Sorry we're running just a few minutes late. As you can see, we're in the Howcast offices in New York. Everyone is trying to work while we talk to you guys.

We are Howcast, and in case you don't know us already, we pride ourselves on making the best How To videos on the Web. We believe that How To videos don't have to be boring, so we try to make the most creative, most engaging, most fun How To videos. And we work with filmmakers from all over the world, including these guys. Hi.

Darlene: Hi, everybody. I'm Darlene. I'm the Vice President of Production here at Howcast Media. A little background on us. We're just about two years old. We're an instructional video website, and we work with wonderful filmmakers, again, from all over the world.

Our filmmakers work in lots of different mediums. Some are great live action shooters. Some use after effects. Some use stop-motion, some claymation. It's limitless. I always say, "You give one person a How To, you can make it countless number of ways."

I've been working in the film industry for about ten years, maybe a little bit longer now, but who's counting? I started in the independent film, the indie movies, and then moved on to TV commercials, all that good stuff. And I'm the one who, with Heather, watches pretty much every single Howcast video.

Heather: I run Howcast's Emerging FIlmmakers Program, and in the program we work with filmmakers who are sort of up and coming. They're students. They're recent grads, and they are able to pick topics from our website and they make their videos. They could be in Italy. They could be in Ireland. They could be in South Dakota. They upload them and then they go live on Howcast, as well as on our distribution network.

Before I made it to Howcast, I produced, shot, and edited all kinds of stuff: award-winning shorts, a corporate video, an Aerosmith documentary. But my favorite job of all was teaching high school kids editing. It's probably why I ended up running the program.

We've got some of our most innovate filmmakers here today, and they're going to talk about how to make the most creative videos on the least amount of money.

Darlene: First a little introduction. First we're going to meet Jenna and Tripp Watt, these two lovely people. They are not brother and sister; they are in fact married, but they've known each other for quite some time. They are going to be sharing tips today with us on production design. I don't know if you guys have seen any of their videos, but they are high on creativity. A lot of them really remind me a lot of Michel Gondry. They are really crafty and cool, and they use something as ordinary as a cotton ball and make it magical.

They met in high school in Nashville. Tripp spent his childhood fascinated with gadgets and trash compactors, as I'm sure many of you did. And Jenna grew up in South Africa, and somehow ended up in Nashville. Oh, no, yeah, Nashville, which we're still figuring that out. These two didn't need art school. They dropped out of art school, and packed their car, and headed to New York City. Now both of them work as freelance directors and animators, and together they run a wonderful company called "Phantasmic," in New York City.

Heather: We've got Michael Sanchez. He has directed more than a hundred Howcast videos, almost all of which he's starred in. He's going to be talking about casting and directing non-actors. Hes a filmmaker, songwriter, and standup comedian, living in Chicago. He studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City, and recently opened for Tracy Morgan, which is huge.

In addition to writing and directing, a number of award-winning comedic shorts, Michael is currently in post-production on his first feature. He is seen kissing in Howcast's most watched video on YouTube, which is, "How To Kiss With Passion." And when Howcast was featured in a Nightline piece, Michael's face was plastered all over national television.

Darlene: And here we have Keith Hayward. Keith came down from Rhode Island today to share his guerrilla stop motion animation skills. He has been doing a lot of shooting and editing recently for Brown, and he's also been working for their local public libraries, creating

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