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Interactive video lesson plan for: CAHSEE Part V Statistics Probability Data 39 45

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QuestionsSTATISTICS, DATA ANALYSIS, AND PROBABILITY The following seven California mathematics academic content standards from the Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability strand are assessed on the CAHSEE by 12 test questions and are represented in this booklet by 30 released test questions. These questions represent only a few of the ways in which these standards may be assessed on the CAHSEE.
— 10 —This is a sample of California High School Exit Examination questions. This is NOT an operational test form. Test scores cannot be projected based on performance on released test questions. Copyright © 2008 by the California Department of Education.
GRADE 6 — STATISTICS, DATA ANALYSIS, AND PROBABILITYStandard Set 1.0Students compute and analyze statistical measurements for data sets: 1.1Compute the range, mean, median, and mode of data sets.* Standard Set 2.0Students use data samples of a population and describe the characteristics and limitations of the samples:2.5Identify claims based on statistical data and, in simple cases, evaluate the validity of the claims. Standard Set 3.0Students determine theoretical and experimental probabilities and use these to make predictions about events: 3.1Represent all possible outcomes for compound events in an organized way (e.g., tables, grids, tree diagrams) and express the theoretical probability of each outcome.3.3Represent probabilities as ratios, proportions, decimals between 0 and 1, and percentages between 0 and 100 and verify that the probabilities computed are reasonable; know that if P is the probability of an event, 1 - P is the probability of an event not occurring. 3.5Understand the difference between independent and dependent events.GRADE 7 — STATISTICS, DATA ANALYSIS, AND PROBABILITYStandard Set 1.0Students collect, organize, and represent data sets that have one or more variables and identify relationships among variables within a data set by hand and through the use of an electronic spreadsheet software program: 1.1Know various forms of display for data sets, including a stem-and-leaf plot or box-and- whisker plot; use the forms to display a single set of data or to compare two sets of data.*1.2Represent two numerical variables on a scatterplot and informally describe how the data points are distributed and any apparent relationship that exists between the two variables (e.g., between time spent on homework and grade level).

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