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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to Make People Think You're Smarter than You Really Are

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Whether you're on a job interview or a first date, follow these simple steps to give the impression that you're quite intelligent – even if you're quite average.

Step 1: Speak deliberately
Speak slowly and deliberately. People who do are seen as more informed on the subject they're expounding on than fast talkers.

Step 2: Smile
Smile more. In one study, participants who were asked to guess a person's intelligence simply by looking at their picture rated those who were smiling as smarter than those who weren't smiling.

Step 3: Use simpler words
Don't use an unusual word if a simpler one will suffice. People who use long words unnecessarily can be perceived as less intelligent because it makes them look like they're trying too hard to sound smart.

If you speak a foreign language, let it be known. Research indicates that people link being multilingual with intelligence.

Step 4: Wear navy blue
Wear navy blue. One study indicated that people in dark blue are assumed to be more knowledgeable, successful, and dependable than those wearing other colors.

Women should dress conservatively at work. Even marginally revealing clothing can make people perceive female employees as less intelligent and competent, according to one study.

Step 5: Listen up
Do more listening than talking. People who do are perceived as being intelligent and interesting by the people who are blathering to them. Remember this proverb: Better to keep quiet and be suspected a fool than to open your mouth and confirm the suspicion.

Did You Know?
Did you know?The average American IQ has increased every year for the past 100 years; one expert claims half the population in 1917 would be considered mentally challenged by today's standards!

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