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Interactive video lesson plan for: McGraw-Hill Education and Future Ready Schools: Creating a Digital Conversion Plan

Activity overview:

Chris Willig, President of McGraw-Hill Education PreK-12 and Former Governor Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education discuss the creation of a district digital conversion plan.

Christine Willig:
You started to ask me, um, before, what I was most excited about with Future Ready schools, and-and essentially it’s this: it’s a holistic approach. Um, it’s, um, looking—it’s understanding that district digital conversion is not about one thing, it’s about many things—it’s not about hardware. It’s not about curriculum. It’s not about teachers; it’s about all those things. And it’s also about your parents, it’s about your community, it’s about funding this in a way that’s sustainable overtime, and-and um, and the most, uh, you know one of the eh-eh-it seems revolutionary but it’s not. Your requirement that superintendents sign the pledge, no one else, it has to be a superintendent.

Gov. Wise:

Christine Willig:
That signs the Future Ready schools pledge… Hurray. Um, because… w-when w-whenever you take an organization through change and—schools are changing, so is McGraw Hill, and we have to—we’re going through change management too, and it starts from the top. If you don’t start that, um, systemically and holistically, looking at the entire framework, um, you’re probably, you’re-you’re odds of success shrink. You know that, that’s why you put together this initiative.

Gov. Wise:
Superintendent and the team have to take a self assessment, and the self assessment, works eh-has them, uh, evaluate themselves in seven critical areas of-of-ih putting together a digital learning plan, that is, uh, how they’re going t—what are they eh—and it’s all designed of course with a centerpiece of how you’re gonna boost student learning outcome, so, uh for instance, what do you—what are you doing a-bout assessments, what are you doing about uh-what I think is critically important—professional development. You mentioned one—

Christine Willig:

Gov. Wise:
That I think is essential in today’s world – what’s your community engagement strategy.

Christine Willig:

Gov. Wise:
‘Cause you better have everybody onboard, uh, in terms of what your- what your trying to do. And so, but you come to the regional summit, w-having taken that self assessment in one of the first exercises then, is to uh, analyze it an-and also to go through it with your peers from other districts and see how you’re measuring up and how you’re doing but so, there’s some real requirements in order to be in the Future Ready process which happily, as I say, with sss-so many uh, districts—

Christine Willig:
So important.

Gov. Wise
Signing up, uh, indicates to me that we’ve got a lot of districts, a lot of superintendents, a lot of t-uh educators, teachers and principals as well, that want this to work.

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