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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to Say Happy Holidays in Chinese

Activity overview:

Celebrate the holidays with #CPodHolidayParty! Learn common vocabulary related to the holidays in today's video lesson. See below for details on how to win a free video lesson with Fiona, a free Premium Annual Package and MORE!

Lesson notes in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, pinyin, and english:

佳节愉快 佳節愉快 Jiājié yúkuài Happy Holidays
佳节快乐 佳節快樂 jiājié kuàilè Happy holidays
圣诞节 聖誕節 shèngdàn jié Christmas
耶诞节 耶誕節 yé dàn jié Christmas
光明节 光明節 guāngmíng jié Hanukkah
宽扎节 寬扎節 kuān zhā jié Kwanzaa
吃大餐 吃大餐 chī dà cān Eat a big meal
圣诞节的时候,我们家最喜欢吃大餐 聖誕節的時候,我們家最喜歡吃大餐 shèngdàn jié de shíhòu, wǒmen jiā zuì xǐhuān chī dà cān At Christmas, our family really enjoy eating lots of food.
送礼物 送禮物 sòng lǐwù Send a Gift
布置圣诞树 佈置聖誕樹 bùzhì shèngdànshù Christmas decorations
跟家人团圆 跟家人團圓 gēn jiārén tuányuán Reunion with family
跟朋友团聚 跟朋友團聚 gēn péngyǒu tuánjù Reunion with friends
团圆 團圓 tuányuán reunion
团聚 團聚 tuánjù Reunite
气氛 氣氛 qìfēn atmosphere
圣诞歌 聖誕歌 shèngdàn gē Christmas carols


I got stuck underneath the mistletoe with the creepiest dude so I had to run off!

P:Wǒ bùxiǎng gēn nàgè guàirén yīqǐ kǎ zài hú jìshēng xià, suǒyǐ lìmǎ táozǒule!

For entry into our contest, simply submit a video of you speaking Chinese for three chances, share your favourite ChinesePod lesson for two chances, or share your favourite YouTube video for one chance. Your entry can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram -- just be sure to include #CPodHolidayParty, as well as tag ChinesePod in the caption! The prizes:

First Prize: An appearance in a ChinesePod lesson; Skype Lesson with Fiona, Gwilym and Constance; an Annual Premium Subscription

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Third Prize: Annual Premium Subscription

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