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There are 700 students in a college.
All of the students are 16 years old, 17 years old or 18 years old.
1⁄10 of the students are 16 years old.
1⁄5 of the students are 18 years old.
Work out how many of the students are 17 years old.


* Orange squash is used to make orange drink.
Jill is going to make orange drink for 50 people.
She is going to make 2 full glasses of orange drink for each person.
She needs 250 millilitres of orange drink for each glass.
Here are the instructions for making orange drink.
Mix 1 part of orange squash with 4 parts of water.
A one litre bottle of orange squash costs £2
Work out the total cost of the bottles of orange squash Jill needs to buy.
(1 litre = 1000 millilitres)


There are 200 people in a cinema.
25% of the people are men.
1⁄5 of the people are women.
The rest of the people are children.
Work out how many children are in the cinema.


A factory makes 1500 cans per minute.
The factory makes cans for 8 hours each day.
Each can is filled with 330 ml of cola.
How much cola is needed to fill all the cans that are made each day?
Give your answer in litres.


* A company sells boxes to factories.
Fred buys boxes.
The boxes are sold in packs of 1000
Each pack costs £193.86
Fred orders 3 packs of boxes.
He gets a discount on his total order.
The table shows the discount he will get.
Total Order Discount
£100 - £300 5%
£301 - £400 10%
£401 and above 15%
Work out the total cost of the order after the discount.
You must show your working.
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