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Interactive video lesson plan for: To make no bones ( idiom) - English Vocabulary lesson # 102

Activity overview:

English Vocabulary lesson 102 : To make no bones ( idiom)

Many times you speak in an upfront manner, not caring what others would say or feel about the same.

To make no bones is an idiom that basically means to say or do something without hesitating or thinking twice.

When you say something very clearly and directly about what you think or feel, however unpleasant, embarrassing or offending it may be, it means you make no bones about it.

Whatever the case may be, you don't try to hide your feelings and you are actually very frank and speak straight to the point without wasting a minute.
It also means to say something that leaves no doubt or to have objection to it, so there is very little or no room for argument.
On the contrary, when you make bones about something, it means you have a difficulty in accepting something.

In this idiom, 'make' is a verb, its past form as well as the past participle is 'made'.
For example, If the COO of a company makes no bones about a scandal that had taken place last year, it means that he is open and honest about it and doesn't feel embarrassed at all.

Okay, now that you know what this idiom means, let's take a look at some example sentences to see how you can use it I your daily conversation.

Example 01 : Williams made no bones about expressing his dissatisfaction with the food and service at the newly opened cafeteria.

Example 02 : Catherine is fed up of being in a terrible marriage, she makes no bones about wanting to end her marriage legally.

Example 03 : All the team members dislike their team manager as he makes no bones about criticizing their efficiency at work.

Example 04 : Natasha was not happy with the test drive of the car, she made no bones mentioning about its poor performance.

Example 05 : The inconsiderate journalist made no bones about publishing very personal details of the famous super star's life in one of the dailies.

Example 06 : At a meeting with the top management of the company, Lisa made no bones about hoping to be promoted to a higher designation, as she knew she was a very talented and deserving candidate.

Example 07 : In an argument with John, Rosy finally made no bones about telling him that she wasn't interested in marrying him.

Example 08 : At a family dinner, grandfather made no bones in speaking about all the sacrifices, compromises and efforts he made single handedly for starting his own business.

Example 09 : Though she didn't intend being harsh, the teacher made no bones about giving a feedback to her student for her low scores in the Math test.

Has anyone ever made no bones about telling you something that didn't go down too well with you?

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