Good and evil moral dilemma questions

Created by Kristie Ferguson

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Good vs evil moral dilemma1. Should Heinz steal the drug? Why or why not?


2. If Heinz doesn't love his wife, should he steal the drug for her? Why or why not?


3. Suppose the person dying is not his wife but a stranger. Should Heinz steal the drug for a stranger? Why or why not?


4. Suppose it is a pet animal he loves. Should Heinz steal to save the pet animal? Why or why not?


5. Should people do everything they can to save another's life? Why?


6. It is against the law for Heinz to steal. Does that make it morally wrong? Why or why not?


7. Why should people generally do everything they can to avoid breaking the law? How does this relate to Heinz's case?
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