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Interactive video lesson plan for: General Chemistry 2 Review Study Guide - IB, AP, & College Chem Final Exam

Activity overview:

This general chemistry 2 final exam ap, ib, & college chem review video tutorial contains many examples and practice problems in the form of a multiple choice practice test. It has about 40 out of 150 test bank problems in the form of a standardized final exam that will help study for your next test. Feel free to use this video as an study guide / online course. It provides the concepts, solutions, as well as the equations and formulas that you need to pass your chemistry class. This video provides a nice overview of Gen Chem 2.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Chemical Kinetics - Calculating the average rate of appearance and disappearance.
2. How To Find The Rate Law Expressions, Order of Reactants, and the Rate Constant K including units
3. Zero, First, and Second Order Reactions
4. Calculating The Final Concentration of a Zero Order Reaction
5. Calculating The Rate Constant K For a Second Order Reaction Using Half Life
6. How To Calculate The Activation Energy Given The Rate Constant K and Temperature
7. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Particles. Positron, Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons - How To Identify the Missing Element.
8. First Order Half Life Decay Practice Problems
9. How To Calculate Kp from Kc
10. Hess Law Equilibrium Constant K
11. Calculating Kp from Partial Pressure
12. Chemical Equilibrium and ICE Tables
13. How To Determine If The Reaction Will Shift To The Left or Right Using The Reaction Quotient Q
14. Le Chatelier's Principle - Concentration, Pressure, Volume and Temperature Changes - Effect on the System
15. How To Identify Strong and Weak Acids
16. Acidic, Basic, and Neutral Salts
17. How To Calculate the pH of a weak Acid HC2H3O2, a weak base NaF, and a buffer solution
18. How To Identify a Buffer Solution, Acid Base Titrations
19. How To Identify a Lewis Acid
20. Ksp Equilibrium Expression and Molar Solubility
21. Saturated and Unsaturated Solutions - Solubility Product Constant
22. How To Determine the sign of entropy or delta S from a reaction.
23. Thermodynamics - Gibbs free energy, enthalpy and entropy
24. Spontaneous at low high or at all temperatures
25. How To Calculate delta G from Equilibrium Constant K
26. Spontaneous vs Nonspontaneous reactions
27. Anode vs Cathode - Oxidation vs Reduction
28. How To Balance Redox Reactions In acidic and Basic Conditions
29. delta G and Cell Potential - Faraday's Constant G = -nFE
30. Nonstandard delta G and Cell Potential
31. pH and pOH of solution at the equivalence point
32. pH of solution before, during, and after a titration
33. Weak acid strong base titration vs strong acid weak base titration
34. How To Select Indicator Using pH and pKa
35. Henderson Hasselbach Buffer Equation
36. How To Calculate the Boiling Point Using delta H and S
37. Equilibrium Problems, ICe Table, Quadratic Equations
38. How To Calculate Ksp and Molar Solubility in g/L - common ion effect
39. Le Chatelier's Principle - Acids and Bases, Ksp, delta G and Cell Potential

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