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Interactive video lesson plan for: True Capitalism is Universal Access, says Wendell Pierce

Activity overview:

If a rising tide lifts all boats, why isn't America — a nation of such wealth and resources — a more egalitarian country? Actor Wendell Pierce says we've lost the true spirit of capitalism. Pierce's new book is "The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, A Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken" (http://goo.gl/xihgU2).

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Transcript - There’s so many people that don’t believe a rising tide floats all boats. They see it as socialism. That’s what the response is to Bernie Sanders. And what Bernie Sanders is saying and what many people are saying is the two can coexist. We have the ability to be capitalists. A true capitalist wants everyone to have access to great schools, to capital because the more access, the more people, the more ideas, the more competition, the better the ideas and the growth will be. So the idea of growth comes from the more people participating in it. We have gotten away from the idea of true capitalism. Now we have people who claim to be capitalists saying I want to restrict our resources.

That we have a finite amount of resources so I’ve got to make sure only my kids get opportunities at school and we’re only going to have access to capital that my tax breaks are going to be here at the expense of other folks. And that’s actually not true capitalism. We grew as a country when people say hey listen. It’s important that everyone has access to a good education. It’s something of great importance because that means more people that are educated – the more ideas, the more growth we’re going to have and that’s what capitalism is based on. And I go back to art, music. That’s what jazz is all about. It’s an American aesthetic. It’s freedom with inform. Yes there’s confinement and restriction and technical proficiency but the idea of the jazz solo as the improvisation is a finite amount of notes with an infinite amount of combinations. A finite amount of notes with an infinite amount of combinations. And so that’s what capitalism is, right. It’s ultimately an infinite amount of possibilities with this finite a group of people. But the more people that are in the mix, the more ideas that are going to come about which produces growth. That’s what jazz music is. Freedom within form. Within this confinement I still understand that I have a possibility to find my true north, my creative spirit, my infinite ideal.

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