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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to be a smart mouth? Giving smart English answers. (English speaking lesson)

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How to be a smart mouth? Giving smart English answers. (English speaking lesson)

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In this English lesson, Ceema tells you how to be a smart mouth. When you want to express your frustration or confusion or any feeling based on what people tell you, you could give smart mouth answers.

When you are engaging in spoken English, you express your feelings based on what people say to you. In other words, your words are a direct reaction to what is spoken to you. But there is another way of doing that. And that is by being a smart mouth or shall we say giving “smart ass” answers when you have to react to any situation you are confronted with. Of course, this is a very informal way of speaking English. So you might want to use it in informal situations (like at home or with friends) to express your anger, frustration, boredom or just about any other emotion.

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That’s a bit rich coming from you

Used when you want to tell someone that they are being a hypocrite. In other words they are advising you to do something that they don’t do themselves.

So this is a sarcastic answer to someone who says what they obviously don’t mean.

Bite me!

Used when you are expressing your resentment, used when you want to say you are upset about what you have just heard especially when you have been told that you are punished

Oh Great! Things just got better

Don’t get fooled by this statement because it means just the opposite of what it reads! This is a sarcastic statement used when a situation just got from bad to worse. In such situations you sometimes can’t yell or pull your hair out. That’s when you make such a smart ass comment to express your frustration. It always comes across as a sarcastic reply.

You’re a smart one, aren’t you?

Again a very sarcastic comment, when you are confronted with some remark or some action that is very dumb or very stupid. You’d rather not call that person dumb to his face. So you just make the above mentioned comment to show you are sick and tired of being around stupid people.

Thanks granny/ grampa!

This expression doesn’t actually show gratitude even though there is a “thank you” mentioned. It is used when you want to express your anger or annoyance at being treated as a kid or a small child.

Wow! You can really talk! / That’s fascinating!

The above statements are used when you are tired of or annoyed at someone who just keeps talking. If this statement is used in the right tone, I’m sure your message will come across to the concerned person. Another smart ass answer to express your annoyance

You’re not a very good liar, are you?
This statement states the obvious because you are talking to a person who is lying. It is used when you are sick and tired of the lies because you know it is obviously made up and so fake. So you call him/her out for who he/she really is!

Next time try keeping it in your pants!

Used when you scold a man for cheating in a relationship. This is a more subtle way of telling that what they did was wrong or you totally disapprove of what they did!

Really ! Is saw a dog fly the other day!

Used when you are told something that is practically impossible or unbelievable. In other words, you’re telling the opposite person that they are lying or making something up. That’s when you give this sarcastic or smart mouth answer!!!

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