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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to: Text Analysis Response Video

Activity overview:

This tutorial will explain how to write a text-analysis response. This is part three of the Common Core English exam. Prior to viewing this tutorial, you should review Munro Leaf’s story Ferdinand the Bull While the texts on the actual Regents exam will be much more complex, this text will allow you to practice developing the response with more ease.

You can find Disney's version of Ferdinand the Bull here on YouTube or read the story below:

Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf

Once upon a time in Spain, there lived a bull and his name was Ferdinand. All of the other little bulls in the pasture loved to run around and butt their heads together, but not Ferdinand. Ferdinand preferred to just sit quietly and smell the flowers. He had a favorite spot in the shade under a cork tree in the pasture. He would sit there all day long and sit just quietly and smell the flowers. His mother, who was a cow, asked him if he wanted to play and butt heads like the other little bulls, but Ferdinand said ‘No,’ because he preferred to just sit quietly and smell the flowers. His mother, who was very understanding, even though she was a cow, decided to just let him be happy there under the cork tree.

After a while Ferdinand grew into a big, strong bull. All of the other bulls in the field still ran around and butted their horns together. What they wanted more than anything in the world was to be chosen for the big bull fights in Madrid. But not Ferdinand, he preferred to just sit quietly and smell the flowers. One day, a group of men from Madrid came to the pasture to choose a bull for the bull fights. All of the bulls were so excited and proudly showed off how tough they were by butting their heads together and acting very fierce. Ferdinand knew he would not be chosen, so he left to go sit under his cork tree in the shade. Ferdinand was not very careful. When he found a spot, he sat down without looking and he sat straight down on a bee! Now if you were a bee and a big bull like Ferdinand sat on you, what would you do? You would sting him, right? Well that is exactly what this bee did. Ferdinand jumped up and ran around bucking, jumping, and acting like he was crazy. The men from Spain in the funny hats were so excited; they knew they had found the toughest meanest bull in the whole country. They took Ferdinand away to Madrid in a cart.

On the day of the big bull fight, the people in Madrid were so excited to see the toughest bull in all of Spain. Everyone waved around handkerchiefs and shouted loudly. The women all wore flowers in their hair. They even had a parade. The parade led into the bull ring. First came the banderilleros who would stick the bull to make him mad. Then came the picadores who rode big horses and stuck the bull with a long spear to make him even madder. Then came the matador, the toughest of them all. The matador stuck the bull last of all. He was so excited to fight the toughest bull in all of Spain. Last of all came the bull. And you know who that was don’t you? Ferdinand! They took Ferdinand out into the center of the ring. As he rode in the cart, he smelled all of the beautiful flowers worn by the ladies in the crowd. He was amazed at all of the people there to watch him. When they let him out of the cart, the banderilleros, picadors, and matador were all very afraid. Ferdinand slowly walked out of the cart and into the bull ring, sat down quietly and just smelled. No one could get Ferdinand to fight. The banderilleros tried, the picadores tried, the matador tried but no one could get Ferdinand to fight. The matador was so upset that he started crying. But, Ferdinand knew that he did not have to show the people how brave and strong he was.

They took Ferdinand home to the pasture. And for all I know, he is still there, under then cork tree, just sitting quietly smelling the flowers.

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