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Interactive video lesson plan for: General Chemistry Formula Sheet and List of Equations Part 2 - MCAT, DAT, & PCAT

Activity overview:

This general chemistry video tutorial provides a formula sheet / list of equations. It focuses on all the equations, variables, and constants that you need to know to help you with the mcat, dat, pcat, or your final exam in general or ap chemistry.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Molarity, Molality, and Mass Percent Concentration Equations
2. Colligative Properties - Boiling Point Elevation Formula and Freezing Point Depression
3. Solute, Solvent, and Solution Relationship
4. Osmotic Pressure Equation and Van't Hoff Factor
5. How To Calculate The Vapor Pressure of a Solution Using Mole Fraction
6. Vapor Pressure of Solution With Two Volatile Components - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure
7. The Relationship Between Vapor Pressure and Temperature - Clausius - Clayperon Equation - Enthalpy / Heat of Vaporization
8. Henry's Law - Gas Solubility - Temperature and Pressure
9. Chemical Kinetics - Rate Law Expression & Order of Reactant
10. Calculating The Rate Constant K and The Overall Order of the Reaction
11. How To Estimate The Initial rate of the Reaction Using Slope
12. Rate Constant K, Activation Energy, Catalyst and Rate of Reaction
13. Steric Factor, Collision Frequency, and Frequency Factor - Arrhenius Equation
14. How To Calculate Rate Constant K Using Temperature and Activation Energy
15. Zero Order, First Order, and Second Order Reaction Formulas and Equations
16. Half Life Equations, Slope, and Straight Line Plots - Slope Intercept Form
17. How To Find The Units of the Rate Constant K
18. Binding Energy - Half Life Decay Problems, eV, MeV and gram to amu conversion.
19. Electron Volts To Joules Conversion.
20. Equilibrium Expression - Law of Mass Action - K = Products / Reactants
21. Kc to Kp Equation. Reaction Quotient Q and Hess Law
22. Le Chatelier's Principle - Chemical Equilibrium
23. How To Find The pH and pOH of a solution
24. How To Calculate the pH of a strong acid and strong base.
25. How To Use ICE Tables To Find pH of a weak Acid
26. Ka - Acid Dissociation Constant, Kb - Base Dissociation Constant
27. How To Determine pH of a weak base solution using Kb
28. pKa, pKb, H+, OH-, H3O+, pH, pOH, Kw, Ka, and Kb Calculations
29. pH of Buffer Solutions - Weak Acid and Conjugate Weak Base Pairs
30. Henderson Hasselbach Equation - Buffer Solutions
31. How To Calculate the volume of the equivalence point
32. Quadratic Formula For Ice Tables
33. Percent Ionization equation of a weak acid
34. Calculating The Ratio of Base To Acid Using The buffer Equation
35. Kw - auto ionization constant of water
36. Ksp - Solubility Product Equilibrium Constant - Molar Solubility Calculations - mol/L and g/L
37. Saturated, Unsaturated and Supersaturated Solutions - Ksp - Precipitation vs Dissolution - Reaction Quotient Q
38. Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy, and Entropy Formula and Sign Chart
39. Equilibrium , Spontaneous and Nonspontaneous Processes
40. How To calculate the boiling point temperature using enthalpy and entropy at equilibrium
41. Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium Constant K
42. Nonstandard delta G - Reaction Quotient Q
43. Reactant Favored vs Product Favored
44. Electrochemistry Introduction - Voltaic, Galvanic and Electrolytic Cells
45. Calculating Standard and Nonstandard Cell Potential
46. Nernst Equation with and without temperature
47. Delta G and Cell Potential Calculations
48. Charge, Current, Voltage, and Faraday's Constant
49. Gibbs Free Energy, Cell Pontential and Electrical Work

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